Apple release iOS 15.4 – time for an upgrade!

So with the rollout of iOS 15.4, there are some major changes to Face ID.. but before you get too excited, one I’m not sure of the point :), and two you will need to be on an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13!

Face ID on iOS 15.4 (with a compatible phone..) can now be setup to work whilst you are wearing a face mask. Mmm..ok.. still not convinced.

Before you get too excited and think that Apple can see ‘thru walls’, no they can’t see thru the mask. Basically they are just scanning the area around your eyes! The preference is that it recognizes the pair of glasses that you wear regularly! ..umm ..ok ..we’ll skip that setup.

One new feature in iOS 15.4 that is pretty incredible is being labelled Universal Control. Now this is pretty impressive, and genius thinking. Essentially, lets say you have your MAcBook, and next to it you have your iPad. Using the trackpad on your MacBook you can move the mouse cursor seamlessly between the 2. You can even move files between the 2 devices as though they are the same computer! 


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