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New traffic / mobile phone laws coming into effect.

New laws are coming into effect, related to mobile phones and driving. We all know you can’t drive and talk / text on your phone unless it’s hand free. Here at Crown Communication we would be appalled if anyone tried this.

The law is being extended, you will now be no longer able to scroll through music, take photos etc either.. ie no use of the phone at all! This is also going to include whilst in a traffic jam, or at a red light.

High resolution cameras are being deployed along UK roads which can capture images taken within cars going uptown 185 mph! The images are then processed through AI technology, and if it is deemed you have a mobile to hand, the image is escalated for final human verification.

Get caught ? .. You’re going to get a £200 fine and 6 points on your license! So seriously from all here at Crown Communication.. don’t do it!!

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