NOTHING phone (1)

Ok, we’re excited.. about NOTHING..!

So what do we know ? Well we know is called phone (1), we know it should be available in the Summer.. and apart from that.. basically NOTHING. It’s all speculation from here.. we’ve watched every video, listened to Carl (Pei).. and we have the image below..


According to Carl it’s stunning.. “unlike anything you’ve seen before..”. We know it will be powered by a Qualcomm chip, just not which one at the moment. “Fast connectivity speeds..” well 5G connectivity is a no-brainer..

phone (1) will run android, but NOTHING OS will have it’s own unique look and feel. From the dot matrix approach for fonts and icons, NOTHING OS includes bespoke sounds as well.

It’s this iconic design approach that has got us dying to get our hands on the device! S’rsly, our Boss is going to go crazy with our conctant wants for him to get one of the first! ..C’mon Summer.. hurry up!

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