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Do we assume that the Tesla phone is a myth?

I wasn’t going to write up an article about the so-called Tesla “Pi” phone, but I received a message from one of my friends who saw a video on TikTok about it. They wanted to know my take on it. “Did you know Tesla is coming out with a phone?” I explained that until Tesla itself makes the announcement, that they should consider all rumors to be just that — rumors.

I’m also addressing it here because the rumor isn’t just on YouTube, but everywhere. There seems to be some sort of campaign to promote the idea of a Tesla smartphone.

Last year, videos about the new Tesla Pi phone started cropping up on YouTube with headlines that claimed Elon Musk himself revealed the Tesla phone, that Elon officially unboxed the Tesla phone in public. There were titles and claims like “Elon Musk shocks the world with Tesla phone price” and “Elon Musk confirms why Tesla phone will beat Apple’s iPhone” and so on. Now, these headlines have been coming out again.

Just one thing.. he has been very vocal that the future will involve Neuralink.. much more advanced than a common mobile!

The phone will supposably be the first satellite phone available to the masses and will connect to the Starlink network. If you ever get to Mars the phone is meant to work there too!

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